Johannesburg Proud to Host Orchid Olympics

South Africa will host the 21st World Orchid Conference (WOC21) next month. Also known as the Orchid Olympics, WOC21 runs from September 10th – 14th in Johannesburg’s Sandton Conference Centre. The event is held every three years, with the last one in Singapore in 2011. It’s one of the biggest flower shows in the world, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors. The theme for this year is “Orchids: Gold in the Green Age,” tying into the area’s gold-mining history. Apart from WOC21, there will also be displays of South African plants, including cycads, aloes, proteas, and succulents. South Africa is home to a wide range of unusual orchids, like Disas, Stenoglottis, Mystacidiums, Angraecums, and more. Check the WOC21 website for additional info.

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