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Have you found an orchid growing in the wild, but can’t identify it? Go Orchids is an excellent online tool to learn about varieties native to the USA and Canada. Courtesy of the North American Orchid Conservation Center (NAOCC,) Go Orchids lets you search by location, by name, or by a series of botanical questions. Their online roster of native orchids is not yet complete, but it’s already a great resource, and more listings are being added soon. There are lots of photos to help with your online search, and also an extensive glossary to assist with the site’s botanical vocabulary.

The NAOCC works to conserve North American orchids by preserving habitats, propagating endangered species, and educating the public about these native plant treasures. This non-profit organization partners with botanical gardens and conservation groups to best combine their resources and knowledge.

Go Orchids can help you identify that wild mystery orchid. Please remember that it is illegal to take native orchids from the wild, and with their specialized growing needs, the plants are unlikely to survive anyway. Do not pick wild orchid flowers, either, or you rob them of any chance to contribute to future generations. If you find orchids in the wild, take only memories and photos, and leave nothing but footprints. And check Go Orchids!

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