Blooming Valentine

Masdevallia coccinea, orchid species, purple flower, Orchids in the Park 2014, San Francisco, CaliforniaOncidium hybrid, white purple yellow and red orchid flower, Foster Botanical Garden, Honolulu, HawaiiPaphiopedilum Via Figueroa x Rolling Thunder, orchid hybrid, red yellow white and purple Lady Slipper flower, Pacific Orchid Expo 2014, San Francisco, California

What are the best blooms for Valentine’s Day? Roses may be traditional, but orchids offer so much more. There are endless orchid choices, with flowers of every size, shape, color, and fragrance. Many sport elegant blooms which can last for weeks, or even months. They make great cut flowers, too. Check out these orchid buying tips to help decide which is the best for you and your valentine.

Cattleya hybrid, yellow purple and pink orchid flower, Orchids in the Park 2014, San Francisco, CaliforniaRenanthera Kalsom 'Red Dragon', red orchid hybrid flower, Orchids in the Park 2014, San Francisco, CaliforniaHarlequin Phalaenopsis hybrid, yellow pink and purple Moth Orchid flower, Kapiolani Farmers Market, Honolulu, Hawaii

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