Orchid Hybrid Vigor

Laeliocattleya hybrid, purple white and yellow flowers, Pacific Orchid Expo 2015, San Francisco, CaliforniaCymbidium hybrid, red white and yellow flowers, Pacific Orchid Expo 2015, San Francisco, CaliforniaAustralian Dendrobium hybrid, white yellow and hot pink flowers, Pacific Orchid Expo 2015, San Francisco, California

Shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? An orchid hybrid is your best bet. Hybrids are crosses between closely related plants. Breeders cross-pollinate different orchid varieties, and then choose the best offspring. Hybrid vigor emerges when the best traits from both parents create tougher descendants. They are often easy to grow and flower, and hardy enough to survive some neglect. Hybrids usually have larger and longer-lasting blooms. With basic orchid care info, they’re as easy as other common houseplants.

Fortunately, most orchids sold today are hybrids. If you buy from a supermarket or home improvement store, you’re almost certainly buying a hybrid. If you buy from a florist or garden center, it’s likely to be a hybrid, but you should always ask if you’re not sure. Orchid species can have finicky care needs, and you wouldn’t want your gift to cause your mother any stress. Tell her not to worry, and that’s it’s easy to care for an orchid with hybrid vigor.

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  1. claude Says:

    Fantastic blog post. Awesome.

  2. Darrell P. Says:

    Hi I am from Australia, this article has useful info, I will remember to look only for orchid hybrids. Thanks for sharing.