Orchid Observers: A Citizen Science Project

London’s Natural History Museum needs your help. The museum has started an Orchid Observers citizen science project, and it’s looking for volunteers to help study how climate change is affecting native British orchids. Scientists have already found that some species have been blooming earlier, consistent with warmer springtime temperatures.

At Orchid Observers, you can choose whether to photograph native orchids, identify the orchid species in the pictures, or transcribe data from online museum specimens. Of course, you need to be in Britain to take photos, but anyone in the world can help examine pictures or plant specimens online.

Check out the video below for more. It includes some spectacular footage of the native British orchid species you’ll be helping.

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One Comment on “Orchid Observers: A Citizen Science Project”

  1. Marc Says:

    Another article on this topic, this time from the BBC Orchid spotters map shifting blooms