Dracula Reserve Success

Great news! The Orchid Conservation Alliance (OCA) has exceeded its fundraising goal to create a new nature reserve in Ecuador. On the slopes of the Andes, the Chocó rainforest is a biological hotspot. It’s home to 5% of all orchid species on earth, including many rare and fascinating Draculas. Together with the Rainforest Trust and Fundación EcoMinga, the OCA is working to conserve this exceptional region. The OCA announced its fundraising success in an email to members and donors.

Thanks to everyone who helped the OCA reach its goal. If you haven’t donated yet, the campaign for this new Dracula Reserve can still use your help. The OCA is a non-profit organization, and donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Scroll to the bottom of the donation page to see photos of the amazing Draculas you’ll be helping.

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