Historic Lady Slipper Hybrids

For over a century, orchid growers have hybridized Lady Slippers to create countless new varieties. Now, the most important Paph hybrids have been identified by orchid experts. Each of these historic crosses has its own legacy, and many contribute their prized genes to modern hybrids sold today. This decade-by-decade list was assembled as part of the Phipps-Orchid Society Initiative (P-OSI.) It’s a joint project between Phipps Conservatory¬†and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh and the Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania. P-OSI’s goals are to improve Phipps’ current orchid holdings, and to create a world-class Lady Slipper collection. Phipps is now beginning to acquire these important plants. They are starting with Paphs, and will include other Lady Slippers like Phrags and Cyps in the future. Check the progress of the project in a recent Orchid Digest article (learn more about Orchid Digest magazine here.)

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