More Orchid Exhibitions

Enjoy these extended orchid exhibits, in addition the ones I’ve already listed here, here, and here.

February 27 – April 17
The Smithsonian Gardens and the United States Botanic Garden feature Orchids in Focus in Washington DC. Enjoy orchids from their esteemed plant collections, which will be on display in the Conservatory Garden Court and East Gallery. Additional activities include a workshop on orchid photography, and a youth workshop where students between 12-16 year old will dissect orchids.

February 27 – April 17
Orchidelirium arrives at the New York Botanical Garden. Head to the Bronx to learn about past orchid hunters and current efforts to rescue illegally trafficked plants. If you prefer your orchids with cocktails and music, don’t miss Orchid Evenings. Check out the promotional video below for some orchid eye-candy.

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