Botanical Garden Orchid Exhibits

Botanical Gardens are always worth a visit, especially as warm, tropical oases amid the winter cold. Check out these orchid exhibits and more in the previous listing.

February 3 – March 19
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden celebrates Victorian botanicals. Antique orchid illustrations accompany living orchid and tropical plant displays in Belmont, North Carolina.

February 4 – March 5
Kew Gardens in London features India’s vibrant orchids. The festival explores how orchids are used in Indian culture, medicine, and everyday life.

February 11 – March 26
The Chicago Botanic Garden Orchid Show offers a tropical escape from winter. This year’s orchid creations include a 15 foot (4.6 m) Vanda “wind chime.”

February 11 – April 9
Head to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for Orchid Daze. Enjoy thousands of tropical orchids in spectacular displays.

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