A Bay Area Guide to Orchids and Their Culture

No matter where you live, every orchid lover needs A Bay Area Guide to Orchids and Their Culture by Mary E. Gerritsen and the San Francisco Orchid Society. This well-written book has hundreds of beautiful photos and lots of helpful orchid info. There are concise sections on care basics, explanations of the Bay Area’s varied microclimates, and lists of which orchids work best where. Don’t be fooled by the title — this book has more than the cool and intermediate orchids we’re lucky enough to grow outdoors here. It also has plenty of great info about warm growers, so it really is suited for everyone. Definitely add this one to your orchid reference library. Buy it from the Orchid Conservation Alliance, the British publisher Redfern Natural History Books, or Amazon. And if you’re not one already, this gorgeous book will turn you into an orchid addict!

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