Great Website for Orchid Species

Everyone interested in orchid species should know about the Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia. I’ve mentioned this website in passing before, but it truly deserves its own post. Remarkably, this site lists 22,000 out of 28,000 orchid species! That’s almost 80% of all known orchids, with more continually added. There’s no other resource I know of that comes close. It’s been a labor of love for Jay Pfahl, a hobbyist who created the site 20 years ago. He and other volunteers constantly add new listings, make name changes, and continually revise and update. For orchid species growers like myself, it’s often the only place with light, temperature, and native habitat info for obscure varieties.

Novices may find it challenging to navigate the immense site. I go to the alphabetical species page, and then use the “Find” feature (Ctrl+F) on my Windows computer to search the orchid name. The homepage includes essential info, like the symbol keys for light, temperature, fragrance, and blooming season. There’s a thorough botanical glossary for scientific terms.¬†Even if you skip the scientific parts, this website has so much fascinating and helpful info. You’ll never look at orchids the same way again after exploring the Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia.

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