The Orchid I Want For Valentine’s Day

At AboutOrchids, we love all types of orchids, but some really stand above the rest. For example, the stunning Lady Slipper ornament pictured below is a priceless antique, full of gold, diamonds, and rubies. If it weren’t locked up in a museum, it could be a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Hair ornament in the shape of a Lady Slipper orchid flower; made in Belgium, 1905-7, by Art Nouveau jeweller Philippe Wolfers; made from gold, plique-a-jour enamel, diamonds, and rubies; displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
Dave spotted this beauty at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum when he had some free time after a recent work trip. It’s a remarkable hair ornament in the shape of a Lady Slipper bloom, made in Belgium between 1905-7 by Art Nouveau jeweler Philippe Wolfers. The piece is considered an exceptional example of a difficult enameling technique called plique-à-jour, which creates a translucent effect. The Art Nouveau movement was fascinated by exotic flowers, and orchids are frequently found as artistic subjects.

Of course, this one isn’t for sale, so here are tips for buying Valentine’s Day orchids which aren’t made from precious gems. They’ll certainly be much more affordable.

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