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African Daisy, Osteospermum, growing outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaLampranthus blandus, Pink Vygie, ice plant, succulent, growing and blooming outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaSalvia x sylvestris 'Snow Hill', Sage plant with white flowers, growing outdoors in Pacifica, California

When Dave and I moved to Pacifica a few years ago, our new home had a very sad front lawn, dead but for the weeds. Over time, we’ve put in a garden full of succulent plants and drought-tolerant natives. This spring, it’s full of life, with lots of colorful blooms, and a steady parade of visiting birds, bumblebees, and admiring neighbors.

California poppy flower close up, Eschscholzia californica, orange flower, California native species, growing outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaCoreopsis gigantea, Giant Coreopsis, yellow flowers, California native species, growing outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaBeach strawberry, Fragaria chiloensis, 3 berries and strawberry leaves, California native species, growing outdoors in Pacifica, California

Since we’re close to the ocean, strong winds and some salt spray limit our plant choices. However, there’s still plenty to grow by the coast. Three native California species are in the previous row of photos. California Poppies, Giant Coreopsis, and tasty Beach Strawberries all do very well here.

Sea lavender flowers close up, Limonium, growing outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaAlstroemeria, Lily of the Incas, Peruvian Lily, growing outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaMimulus hybrid, Monkey Flower, growing outdoors in Pacifica, California

All of these are low water plants (except for the orchids from the back garden in the final two photos. I had to throw a couple orchids into the post.) The African Daisies are in bloom most of the time. Sage, Sea Lavender, and Iris flower in the spring, along with many of the succulents. Besides the wind, gophers are our biggest problem. Despite the obstacles, we’ve built a colorful, drought-tolerant seaside garden.

Purple Iris flower, growing outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaDendrobium striolatum flower with spiderwebs, aka Dockrillia striolata, Streaked rock orchid, orchid species growing outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaCymbidium orchid flower, orchid hybrid growing outdoors in Pacifica, California

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