How to Prepare Orchids for a Hurricane

With Hurricane Dorian barrelling towards landfall, Motes Orchids in Florida offers helpful info about how to prepare orchids for a big storm. Their tips include:

  • Keep orchids dry, then saturate them several hours before the storm. The water adds weight to the pots, which may keep them from blowing away. It also prepares plants in case water supplies are disrupted in the following days.
  • Bring plants indoors or down to lower locations. Don’t keep them directly on the ground where flood waters may damage them.
  • Tarps and shade cloths are usually useless against hurricane-strength winds. Remove or retract them, and replace after the storm.
  • It’s possible that trees and other protective shading will be gone, so make plans to protect orchids from the strong post-hurricane sun.

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  1. Marc Says:

    More helpful info about taking care of orchids after a hurricane, from Better-Gro,