Sneaky Orchids and Their Pollination Tricks

From London, RBG Kew explains how sneaky orchids can be. Many orchid varieties offer nectar or fragrant oils for their pollinators, but others are tricksters. Their colors, shapes, or scents deceptively advertise rewards, but they have none. Some temporarily trap their pollinators, like the remarkable Bucket Orchid, which makes bees squeeze past its pollen to escape. The insects are duped, but may fertilize the flower during the affair. Since many orchids are pollinated by only a single insect species, they’ve evolved to become perfect lures for that bug. It’s an efficient strategy, increasing the odds that pollen will be picked up and dropped off in the right place. However, it also means that the process is more vulnerable to extinctions and climate change. By studying these sneaky orchids and their complex relationships, scientists hope to protect them for the future.

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