A Treasure Trove of Central African Orchids

There’s a treasure trove of Central African orchids at www.Orchid-Africa.net. This growing database offers a look at some uncommon species, and it features lots of pictures. Central African orchids aren’t as well known as their relatives from Madagascar and South Africa, but they should be. They include captivating members of the Angraecum family, Bulbophyllums, Eulophias, Habenarias, Polystachyas, Vanillas, and much more. The database is being compiled by African and Belgian scientists to assist with conservation projects. They’re also growing thousands of Central African orchids in shadehouses in Gabon, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and São Tomé. In addition to the valuable science they’re conducting, they’ve discovered over 40 new species from the area. Check out their related links, too, to explore fascinating African flora.

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