Summer’s Off to a Colorful Start in Our Garden

Prosthechea vitellina, AKA Encyclia vitellina, orchid species flowers and buds, Yolk-Yellow Prosthechea, Manuelitos, bright orange and yellow flowers, grown outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaCoelogyne mooreana, orchid species flowers, white and orange flowers with water drops, grown outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaMasdevallia coccinea, orchid species flowers, bright pink flowers with water drops, pleurothallid, grown outdoors in Pacifica, California

After a sunny spring, the summer fog has arrived, and it’s keeping our plants happy. Start the garden tour with the orchids in the first row of photos: a brilliant yellow and orange Prosthechea, a white and orange Coelogyne, and a hot pink Masdevallia.

Sarcochilus hartmannii, orchid species flowers, white red and yellow flowers, large boulder orchid, ravine orchid, Australian native species, growing outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaAristea major, blue flowers with yellow pollen, South African iris relative, growing outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaLupinus arboreus, Coastal Bush Lupine and bumblebee, Yellow Bush Lupine, Tree Lupine, yellow flowers, Pacifica, California

There’s one more orchid, the white blooms in the first photo in the second row. They’re from my very reliable Sarcochilus. It didn’t have many flower spikes this year, probably because I neglected to repot it last year. It’s definitely next on my repotting list. In the next picture, our Aristea isn’t an orchid, but its tall spikes carry dazzling blue blossoms.. One of our new native plants, a Coastal Bush Lupine, is already attracting bumblebees to its yellow flowers.

Epiphyllum cactus flower, close-up of lower half of flower, large bright red flower, growing outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaHoliday cactus flowers, christmas cactus, easter cactus, bright pink flowers, red edging variegation on leaves, growing outdoors in Pacifica, CaliforniaPurple and red fuchsia flowers and buds, growing outdoors in Pacifica, California

The final row of photos includes spectacular cactus flowers, and a happy fuchsia. They’re all giving our garden a colorful start to summer.

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