Have a Terrific Adventure with Orchids in the Wild Ecotours

Take a mind-blowing vacation and help endangered orchids at the same time! The Orchid Conservation Alliance (OCA) offers Orchids in the Wild Ecotours, expert-led trips to see orchids in their native homes. They range as far away as Madagascar, and as close as Ohio. This year’s itinerary also includes Italy, Brazil, and South Africa. The OCA is a great non-profit organization doing essential conservation work around the world. They’re very worthy of your support. Bon voyage!

April 10 – 17
Orchids of Sicily – Enjoy Sicily’s terrestrial orchids, archeology, and food.
May 8 – 17 & May 19 – 29
Orchids of the Rio Negro, Brazil – Cruise the Amazon on a comfortable boat, and discover the area’s flora and fauna.
May 14 – May 25
Native Orchids of Ohio – The Ohio Valley and surrounding areas feature amazing Lady Slippers and more. The tour dates are optimized to find them during prime blooming seasons.
September 21 – October 13
Orchids of Madagascar – Africa’s largest island is an orchid hotspot, with almost one thousand native varieties.
December 1 – 13
Orchids of the Cape Floral Kingdom, South Africa – Besides the spectacular orchids of the region, like Disas, this tour also includes a visit to an African Penguin colony.

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