Beware of Fake Orchid Care Videos

Social media has spawned some very bizarre, and very fake, orchid care videos. They deceive just to get clicks, likes, and ad money, featuring outrageous solutions to grab your attention. I don’t want to share any of these videos here, because I don’t want to give them more views, but it’s likely you’ve seen them. Usually, they include strange orchid care tips which have no basis in fact, may harm plants, and, at least, are a waste of your time.

I recently saw one labeled “Orchid Care Hacks” which claimed that steam from an iron will make an orchid bloom, and an almost-dead orchid can be revived to perfect health with honey and moss. Another showed a tiny keiki that’s grown into a full-sized plant with glorious blooms in only two months, thanks to magical concoctions of garlic and citrus. Tellingly, they rarely have info about proper growing conditions, such as light, water, or temperature needs.

Another elaborated a complex method to make a Moth Orchid rebloom: trim the old flower spikes, rub garlic on the cut ends, and paint the tips with nail polish. Then slide fresh Aloe vera leaves over the tops of the orchid spikes, and cover them with plastic bags. After a few weeks, remove the bags and aloe, and new growth will have emerged. Sound incredible? The most incredible thing about it is how they’ve complicated an easy process. All you need to do is trim the spikes. The garlic, nail polish, aloe leaves, and plastic bags are completely unnecessary.

I’m sure these absurdities, and many more like them, are leading people astray throughout the interwebs. Of course, there are plenty of great videos out there, too, with helpful, knowledgeable people who aren’t running a scam. How do you spot the difference? There are no simple answers. Generally, if it seems too good to be true, it’s probably not true. Think critically, and be skeptical. Remember that deceptive video editing is very easy. Don’t trust care hacks, especially if they seem too bizarre or too quick. Do your own research. Ask fellow growers at your local orchid society. Many videos are only posted for a short time before they’re reported as fakes and removed, so check on them after a while to see if they disappear.

This type of clickbait is appealing because it’s bizarre. Like old circus freak shows, they catch your attention. Orchids are fascinating enough without the gimmicks and falsehoods. And of course, you can always trust the advice here at

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