Orchid of the Day: Bletilla striata

Nicknamed the Hardy Chinese Orchid, Bletilla striata is a terrestrial that grows in soil. Originally from China, Japan, and Korea, Bletillas go dormant over the winter, and can handle light freezes. These flowers have been slowly opening over the past few days. They’re still not completely open in these photos, but you can see their light purple color and the ruffly ridges on the flower lip. Variegated forms of this flower are grown as bonsai in Japan.

Bletilla striataBletilla striata

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4 Comments on “Orchid of the Day: Bletilla striata”

  1. amy Says:

    I have those in my garden, but we call them chinese ground orchids.

  2. Kim S Says:

    Nice flowers

  3. Jeff Says:

    Another name is Hyacinth Orchid

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