More Garden Blooms

With lots of cool days this Spring, our backyard garden has been slow to start. But with mild temperatures and longer days, it’s finally filling in. Enjoy these (non-orchid) photos.

Our yard is partially shaded by our neighbors’ trees, so the poppies don’t receive enough sun until mid-Spring. This was one of the first to open this year.

Poppy flower

This variety of Iris is a California native, and it’s been blooming for a few weeks now. This latest flower is a bit damaged by the elements, but beautiful nonetheless.

Iris flower

Dave noticed a Valerian plant growing in one of the flower beds a few weeks ago. They’re not natives, but they grow wild all over the SF Bay Area. This one probably volunteered from a seed arriving via wind or bird. The flower buds are just starting to form in this photo.

Valerian leaves and flower buds

And here’s 1 more pic of some small yellow flowers on an unidentified plant in the back of the garden.

Yellow flowers

If you’re missing your orchid fix, don’t worry. I’ll have another orchid post for you soon.

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2 Comments on “More Garden Blooms”

  1. arie Says:

    I used to live in California and I really miss those great fields of poppies. Its the brightest orange you can ever imagine. Muchas gracias for the picture.

  2. nancy Says:

    you california gardeners have it so good – we’re still stuck in cold weather in new england