Technically, It’s Still Repotting Season

There are a few of days of spring left, so it’s still repotting season. It’s best to repot orchids in the spring, and I have lots of orchids, so I always seem to be trying to catch up with this gardening chore. Doing this in spring, just as most are starting a cycle of growth, allows the plants to recover before temperatures heat up. With newly grown roots, the orchids can make efficient use of the long hours of summer sunlight.

I’ve slowly worked down my long list of repotting candidates, and now there are only a few left. I recently got around to this tiny Stelis. This picture is from a couple years ago before Dave bought the macro lens for his camera. I hope with fresh potting media that this tiny Masdevallia relative will produce some new blooms, and Dave can get some better pictures.

Stelis flowers

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