Word of the Day: Labellum

Labellum is the Latin word for “lip,” and the labellum of an orchid flower is a modified petal that is often its most ornate feature. This Paphiopedilum features a prominent labellum shaped like a cup.

Paphiopedilum flower

These Phalaenopsis flowers have a labellum with a yellow center surrounded by 3 lobes.

Phalaenopsis flowers

Usually, an orchid labellum is at the bottom of the flower, but these Dendrobium cuthbertsonii flowers grow upside-down. The orange petal is the labellum at the top of the flower. This mini Dendrobium needs cool temperatures and constant moisture.

Dendrobium flowers

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One Comment on “Word of the Day: Labellum”

  1. nancy Says:

    i love the lilttle dendrobium with the pink and orange flowers. their leaves look neat too like they’re all bumpy