Dragons in the Garden

Well, not dragons really, but dragonflies. This one landed on a branch and stayed long enough to pose for Dave’s camera. With a little research, we identified it as a Blue-eyed Darner Dragonfly (scientific name Aeshna multicolor,) native to North America west of the Mississippi River. So what does this beautiful blue creature have to do with orchids? Dragonflies are beneficial insects, eating small pests, including mosquitoes. We really try to avoid pesticides in the garden, which kill beneficial insects just as efficiently as the nasty ones. So while we may have a few aphids, beneficials like this dragonfly do a far superior job keeping them under control than any toxic chemical. Plus we can enjoy Mother Nature right in the middle of a busy urban area.

Blue Eyed Darner DragonflyBlue Eyed Darner DragonflyBlue Eyed Darner Dragonfly

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One Comment on “Dragons in the Garden”

  1. nancy Says:

    beautiful dragonfly pictures!!! thanks!