American Orchid Society

The American Orchid Society, or AOS, promotes education, research, and conservation of orchids. Founded in 1921, the AOS publishes a monthly magazine, Orchids, filled with a wide range of orchid information and photos. From its headquarters, greenhouse, and botanical gardens in Delray Beach, Florida, the AOS educates about orchids and funds conservation efforts throughout the world. In addition to Orchids magazine, members receive access to great orchid care information, discussion forums, and discounted admission to many North American botanical gardens. For more information, visit the AOS at

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2 Comments on “American Orchid Society”

  1. katie Says:

    the orchids magazine is great and worth the price of membership. they just improved th e look and theres more incredible photos every month

  2. FrankV Says:

    The AOS is keeping their garden open in the face of the recession. It’s a worthwhile organization worthy of support. Even if you can’t contribute financially, they’re always looking for volunteers.