Try Saying “Coelogyne”

Say “sah-LODGE-en-ee.” Kind of rhymes with “progeny.”

It may have a tough name, but these fragrant white and yellow flowers make up for it. This Coelogyne mooreana originates in the cloud forests of the mountains of Vietnam, and can handle a wide range of temperatures. Mine lives outside all year long here in San Francisco, and receives a few hours of direct sun each day.

Coelogyne flowersCoelogyne flowers

Coelogyne mooreana flower close-upCoelogyne mooreana flowers

Coelogynes like a lot of water when they are growing in spring and summer, and then require a winter dormancy.

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2 Comments on “Try Saying “Coelogyne””

  1. nancy Says:

    thanks for the amazing pics!!

  2. Hanley Says:

    Those look like beautiful flowers. I like the yellow hairs on the flowr lip