Summer Garden Blooms

We’re preempting your regular orchid programming to bring you some non-orchid photos to enjoy. After a few notable heat waves in the spring, it’s been a cool and foggy summer here on the California coast. It’s perfect weather for this unusual Fuchsia procumbens, native to New Zealand. The small, colorful flowers trail down a raised flowerpot. Even the pollen is a colorful bluish purple.

Fuchsia procumbens flowerFuchsia procumbens pollin

If you think these pink flowers are cute, imagine thousands of little pink puffs in bloom all year long. Pink clover (scientific name Persicaria capitata) arrived as weeds a few years ago in our back garden. They spread to make a great ground cover, growing out of every nook and cranny. The leaves are colorful too, with reddish variegation.

Pink clover flowers

Passionflowers are vigorous growers, and this red Passionflower vine would take over the back yard without regular pruning. Each flower only lasts a few days, but with vines that stretch 4o feet (12 m) and more, there’s a regular supply of flowers.

Red Passionflower

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3 Comments on “Summer Garden Blooms”

  1. nancy Says:

    what a strange little fuchsia! i always think of them as the delicate hanging plants with flowers that look like hanging bells. its such a colorful one too even prettier than some of the colors i’ve seen on fuchsia

  2. Hanley Says:

    the red passion flowr is so beautiful! Thanks for the picturs

  3. Dale Says:

    great pictures!!