Plenty of Flowers to Go Around

Since Labor Day seems to make everybody fret over summer’s impending end, I’ll offer that there are still a few weeks of summer on the calendar, so seize the day. Here in San Francisco, the weather has warmed up, and the garden is full of life. So if your blooms are fading, please enjoy some of ours.

The dainty flowers on these Santa Barbara Daisies (also called Mexican Daisies, scientific name Erigeron karvinskianus) bely the toughness of the plant. I planted one of these years ago, and its seeds spread so that we’ve had plenty in the garden ever since. The young flowers start with pink petals that fade to white as they open, and the plants stay in bloom all year long.

Mexican Daisies

Tubular purple flowers hanging from an Iochroma cyaneum shrub are hummingbird favorites.

Iochroma flowers

Hibiscus trionum is a Mediterranean native, making it perfectly suited for the California coast. Some consider it an invasive weed, but I enjoy its white flowers with dark centers. The translucent flower buds have their own charm also, looking like small glass lanterns.

Hibiscus trionum flowerHibiscus trionum flower buds

Quite a few orchids are coming into bloom with the warm weather, so I’ll definitely have more pictures to share soon.

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2 Comments on “Plenty of Flowers to Go Around”

  1. Hanley Says:

    I really like those hibiscus flower buds. You can see the light through them.

  2. nancy Says:

    that hibiscus grows wild in our yard too, but the flowers are so cute i don’t mind.