Big Flower

The title pretty much says it all. The scientific name of this orchid, Sobralia macrantha, translates as “big flower,” and it doesn’t disappoint. This easy-to-grow orchid puts on a great show with flowers that can be as large as 6-10 inches (15-25 cm.) It’s native to a variety of habitats from Mexico to Costa Rica, where it lives at elevations as high as 11,000 feet (3400 m.) That helps explain why it can tolerate a wide range of temperatures.

Sobralia macrantha flowerSobralia macrantha flower

The flowers are reminiscent of Cattleyas, but the similarities end there. Unlike Cattleyas, this Sobralia likes very heavy water and fertilizer, and doesn’t mind cold temperatures.

Sobralia macrantha flower

Although the flowers only last a few days, these orchids are frequent bloomers. The photo below shows a flower bud ready to open.

Sobralia macrantha flower bud

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3 Comments on “Big Flower”

  1. Marian Says:

    I saw these in Mexico and didn’t know they could be grown here! I was amazed at how big the flower was compared to the size of the plant. Very pretty!

  2. nancy Says:

    beautiful flowers! they look like they should be good for a corsage

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