Orchid Housekeeping

It feels like an embarrassment of riches to say that some of my orchid flowers last so long that they get dusty. Under ideal conditions, Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, Epidendrum, and Cymbidium flowers can last for months, and dust can be a problem. Most orchid flowers can handle a gentle touch with clean hands or a clean cloth, but there is the risk of damaging a flower, so instead I usually use a hands-off approach. I prefer to clean them with a few gentle breaths, or by washing them with the spray mister filled with room-temperature, good-quality water. Cleaning is best done early in the day so the flowers can dry, since flowers that remain wet overnight can rot.

Don’t be offended if I wish you the problem of dusty orchid flowers – it’s a great problem to have!

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