Warm October Days

San Francisco is often covered in chilly fog in the spring and summer, but warms up when the fog disappears in the fall. True to form, we’ve been having warm October days. Today the backyard thermometer reads 86 F (30 C.) The garden is enjoying this latest warm spell, and there are lots of orchids and other flowers open.

We just added this unusual Ptilotus to the garden. It’s a drought-tolerant Australian perennial with feathery flowers. On the right, Asclepias flowers look like colorful shooting stars. Asclepias are better known as milkweeds, and are the preferred food of monarch butterfly caterpillars.

Ptilotus flowersAsclepias flowers

A white Japanese Anemone and a purple African Daisy show contrasting beauty.

Anemone flower close-upAfrican daisy

This jasmine is the size of a small tree, and grows up a support pole for our back stairs. Dave and I routinely debate whether it’s supporting the stairs, or will someday pull them down. Several times a year, it bursts into bloom with honey-scented flowers. In the middle, a purple Epidendrum flower looks like it could fly away. On the right, Pink Sage flowers have graced our garden for years, thanks to seeds Dave brought from his home in New Orleans.

Jasmine flowersEpidendrum flowerPink Salvia flowers

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2 Comments on “Warm October Days”

  1. Hanley Says:

    I love the beautiful picture close-ups of flowers you have! Such great detail and wonderful colors. Thanks for the great pictures.

  2. nancy Says:

    mmm — i can almost smell that jasmine!