Say what? You don’t need to be able to pronounce Myoxanthus to enjoy its funky flowers. If you do want to pronounce it, say “MY-oh-zan-this,” rhymes with “try go Kansas.”

Myoxanthus serripetalus flowerMyoxanthus serripetalus flower

This orchid is a relative of Masdevallias, and enjoys high humidity, cool temperatures, and constant air circulation. Its native home is Peru and Ecuador on the eastern slopes of the Andes, where it survives at elevations as high as 10,000 feet (3100 m.)

Just because it’s scented, don’t assume that you’d like the smell. This orchid has a funky scent, like rotting food. Fortunately it’s faint, and since I keep it outside all year, it’s not bothersome. Although we humans may not like the stinky scent, I’m sure it works perfectly to lure some fly or wasp to help pollinate it. A single flower emerges from the base of a leaf, and hangs upside down.

Myoxanthus serripetalus flowerMyoxanthus serripetalus flowerClosing Myoxanthus flower

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4 Comments on “Myoxanthus”

  1. FrankV Says:

    How did you get those pictures, since the flower hangs upside down? You would have to get underneath it.

  2. Hanley Says:

    You are right with upside down flower that must have been difficult picture to take. I don’t think I would buy an orchid flower if it smelled bad and I didn’t like the smell. But I am glad you put up with a stinky flower so I can see the great pictures.

  3. Marc Says:

    Since the flower does hang upside down, Dave did have to get underneath the plant to get some of these pictures. For that, he set the orchid on the top stairs of the back deck, and lay on the stairs looking up to get the pictures. And while the flower does have a bad scent, it’s very mild, and the plant stays outdoors here all year long, so it doesn’t stink up our house!

  4. nancy Says:

    try go kansas? sounds like a good cheer for a football game 😉