Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

While we were visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, Dave and I took a trip to Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. Located north of Hilo in a real tropical rainforest, the garden is a lush paradise of exotic plants from rainforests around the world, including lots of orchids.

Cattleya flowersPhalaenopsis flowers
Bulbophyllum flowersChocolate-scented Oncidium flowers

We spent half the day soaking in the stunning floral beauty. Innumerable tropical flowers, a koi pond, waterfalls, jungle birds, and ocean vistas kept our cameras clicking away. The garden is a non-profit sanctuary for many rare plants, helping to preserve them against the threats of habitat destruction and climate change. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden also provides educational programs, and spreads Hawaiian beauty by shipping tropical flower bouquets within the USA.

Cattleya flowersPhalaenopsis flowersBrassolaelocattleya flowers

And to prove that we actually did take pictures besides orchids, below are a baby pineapple, a pink ginger flower, and a yellow heliconia flower. In the last photo, Onomea Falls rushes through the garden valley. What a paradise!

Young pineapplePink ginger flowerBrazilian heliconiaOnomea Falls

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5 Comments on “Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden”

  1. Janine Says:

    I love this garden! My husband and I were just there a few months ago. We found it by accident and spent the whole afternoon there. I didnt want to leave! Thanks for sharing some of your pictures, their very pretty.

  2. Hanley Says:

    Beautiful photos! That little pineapple is going to be tasty someday. It would be nice to swim in that waterfall on a warm day.

  3. nancy Says:

    great photos, the little pineapple looks tasty

  4. DrMarkinson Says:

    Gorgeous flowers! I’ve spent time on the Big Island, but always on the dry Kona side, and only gone over to the Hilo side to see Kilauea. Next time I visit I’ll definitely make a point to go to this garden. Thanks.

  5. Fiona Says:

    The waterfalls look like the perfect place for cool dip on a hot day. Thanks for the photos.