Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, redux

We have so many great pictures from Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden that I couldn’t fit them into just one post. So here are a few more orchids photos:

Epidendrum flowersCattleya flowersDendrobium flowers

And here are a few more non-orchid photos:

Heliconia flowersColorful tropical leavesIndonesian Ginger

And here are some great examples of how orchids grow in the wild. In the tropical rainforest, orchid roots hold on to tree trunks and branches so they can take advantage of brighter light above the forest floor. In the last picture, a Phalaenopsis seems to defy gravity holding on to a vertical surface, a mossy tree trunk.

Orchids growing on palm tree trunkOrchids growing on palm tree trunkOrchid growing on tree trunk

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4 Comments on “Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, redux”

  1. Daisy Says:

    Great pics! thanks!!

  2. nancy Says:

    its amazing to see those orchids just holding on to branches with there roots. thanx for the great pics.

  3. JessicaMoff Says:

    Thanks for good post

  4. Arianaceve Says:

    Wow! Thank you very much! I always wanted to write in my site something like that