Orchids on a Volcano

In the town of Volcano on the road to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Akatsuka Orchid Garden has one of the aloha state’s largest orchid collections. We couldn’t resist a trip to their store and showroom, and found ourselves there with busloads of tourists who had just visited nearby Kilauea Volcano.

Phalaenopsis Maki WatanabeCymbidium Maureen CaterDendrobium Tropic House

Many of these spectacular hybrids are award-winning varieties grown by Akatsuka. While these pictures can convey a few of the thousands of flowers, they cannot convey the wonderful smells throughout the large showroom. Some of these orchids had strong, sweet scents, and they perfumed the air during our whole visit.

Cattleya Chocolate Drop flowersCoelogyne Black Orchid flowersPotinara flower

Besides lots of flowers, we enjoyed seeing how this large commercial greenhouse was set up. The final 2 pictures below show orchids on greenhouse benches, and spray misters that help maintain high humidity. In addition, there’s a gift-shop with all sorts of orchid goodies, from books to t-shirts to fridge magnets, for those who want souvenirs that don’t require light and water.

Zygonisia flower and budCattleya flowers on greenhouse benchOrchids and spray misters

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4 Comments on “Orchids on a Volcano”

  1. Mel Says:

    cool site!!! thanx for the great pics!

  2. ym Says:

    Wow! I’ve owned some Phals and Catts from Akatsuka for years, but I didn’t know you can visit them in Hawaii. I’d love to see their green-house. I think I bought their plants at an orchid show in Santa Barbara years ago. They must go to that show as one of the vendors. I think the Santa Barbara show is coming up soon. Maybe I’ll visit and see some of the same flowers in your pictures?!

  3. Hanley Says:

    I can never go there, because I would have to fill up my suitcase with orchids. There would be no room left for my clothes when I fly home.

  4. nancy Says:

    just what i need — another reason to go to hawaii!