More Orchid Show Pictures

We have so many great pictures from this year’s San Francisco Orchid Show that 2 posts weren’t enough. As usual most are Dave’s, but I took a couple of these. The 1st shot shows a nice close-up of Darwin’s Orchid, the same species we saw at the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden growing up in a tree. Unlike Hawaii, this photo required no climbing. The 2nd picture shows a bunch of Phals, and the 3rd, an Epidendrum relative named Oerstedella.

Angraecum sesquipedale flowerPhalaenopsis flowersOerstedella flowers

The next set of photos shows a Miltonia, long chains of mini flowers on a Dendrochilum, and a pink Lycaste.

Miltonia flowerDendrochilum flowersLycaste flower

Can you tell that Dave really likes Masdevallias? The last set of photos has some beauties.

Masdevallia flowersMasdevallia flowersMasdevallia flowers

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One Comment on “More Orchid Show Pictures”

  1. nancy Says:

    beautiful!!! i love those masdevallias too