At an orchid show several years ago, I spotted a neglected plant on a back table for only $3. Since it had a flower spike starting to grow, it seemed like a great bargain to me, and I bought it. The orchid was this beautiful Miltonidium, which has bloomed repeatedly for me, so I definitely consider it a smart investment.

Miltonidium flowerMiltonidium flowersMiltonidium Hawaiian Sunset

This orchid is a hybrid, a human-made cross between a Miltonia and an Oncidium. Like all plant hybrids, it combines traits from both parents. With dozens of small, fragrant flowers, it also exemplifies “hybrid vigor.” The term hybrid vigor refers to the tendency of hybrid plants to be easy to grow and bloom, and also tough enough to survive difficult conditions. These characteristics make hybrids excellent choices for orchid beginners, since they are more forgiving of mistakes than species. Hybrids can also have larger, more frequent, and longer-lasting blooms.

Miltonidium flowerMiltonidium flowerMiltonidium flowers

This large spray of flowers may be a nice demonstration of hybrid vigor, but it also makes the orchid top-heavy and prone to tip over. I keep the plant within a heavy ceramic pot, and I’ve even tried to weigh it down with a rock on the flowerpot, but it can still topple. Even with some slightly bruised flowers, I couldn’t ask for a better bargain.

Miltonidium flowersMiltonidium Hawaiian SunsetMiltonidium Hawaiian Sunset flower spike

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4 Comments on “Miltonidium”

  1. Mabel Says:

    I have the same problem with my flowerpots tipping over when there heavy with blooms. Thanks for the ideas to help!

  2. nancy Says:

    great color flowers, and what a great bargain for $3.00

  3. Robin Ng Says:

    I love that mustard yellow color.

  4. GreenThumbGuy Says:

    That’s about 10x cheaper than our local stores sell orchids for. Maybe I need an orchid shopping trip to San Francisco!