Orchid Conservation Coalition

The Orchid Conservation Coalition (OCC) is a grassroots organization devoted to raising awareness and money for orchid conservation. The OCC directs donations to conservation groups all over the world, including those working in the Amazon and other orchid hotspots. As a coalition of individuals, orchid societies, businesses, and non-profits, the OCC provides vital support for protection of orchids. Some of their innovative programs include 1 % for Orchid Conservation and the Living Orchid Collection, and they also organize an expert speakers bureau.

Recently, the OCC celebrated a victory by helping the endangered Rosella Spider Orchid of Australia. After reading about the threat to this orchid on the OCC’s website, a philanthropist stepped forward with a large donation. Many more victories like this are needed around the globe. Individuals can support the OCC by volunteering, encouraging orchid societies and businesses to join their programs, and spreading the word about the urgent need for orchid conservation. The OCC also links to non-profit conservation groups which can accept donations directly.

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3 Comments on “Orchid Conservation Coalition”

  1. Joy Blake Says:

    Thanks for the info. This looks like a great group. Go green with orchids!!!

  2. GreenThumbGuy Says:

    Sounds like they do really good work. Thanks for the post.

  3. dave88 Says:

    great article