Mini Phal

The most popular orchids sold today are Phals, or Moth Orchids. Since their blooms can last for months, and they grow in the same light and temperature ranges of our homes and offices, their popularity is easy to understand. It’s no wonder that orchid growers have concentrated their attentions on this genus, and created thousands of hybrids. Over the past few years, I’ve seen a great selection of smaller and smaller hybrids, perfectly suited for a windowsill, a crowded desk, or a city apartment. This mini Phal hardly takes up any space at all.

Mini Phal flowersMini Phal flowersMini Phal side viewMini Phal plant and flowers

It’s too easy to rationalize bringing home more beautiful blooms when the entire plant is only 8 inches (20 cm) tall. These flowers are just 1.25  inches (3.2 cm) across. Their diminutive size belies how sturdy they are. Like their larger Phal cousins, it’s even possible to force these mini orchids to rebloom.

Mini Phal close upMini moth orchid

It’s too easy to rationalize bringing home more beautiful blooms when the plant is only 8 inches (20 cm) tall, flowers and all. The flowers themselves are only 1.25  inches (3.2 cm) across.

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6 Comments on “Mini Phal”

  1. Joy Blake Says:

    Beautiful little flowers! I don’t think a human artist could ever do any better than mother nature.

  2. nancy Says:

    Adorable! They’re like the munchkins of the moth orchid world

  3. GreenThumbGuy Says:

    An 8 inch orchid isn’t so special. Tell me when there thimble sized …

  4. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » Moth Orchids: The Complete Guide to Phalaenopsis Says:

    […] On top of all this, Moth Orchids helped me to identify my mini Phal, which came without a name tag, as a hybrid named Phalaenopsis Sogo Twinkle ‘Stars’. […]

  5. Dennis Says:

    Great article

  6. Hanley Says:

    They look perfect for a small apartment.