Moth Orchids: The Complete Guide to Phalaenopsis

Moth Orchids The Complete Guide to Phalaenopsis by Steven Frowine

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift, check out Moth Orchids: The Complete Guide to Phalaenopsis by Steven Frowine. This beautiful book is the definitive text on the most popular orchids in the world. With hundreds of gorgeous photos and excellent illustrations, Frowine provides a thorough and enjoyable text on the entire Phal family. Along with Phal species and traditional hybrids, the book shows the results of exciting advances in orchid breeding that have created new colors and dazzling patterns. The book contains detailed care info and a month-by-month calendar of moth orchid culture. There’s also a list of fragrant varieties, and great extra Phal tidbits, like how to make an orchid corsage. On top of all this, Moth Orchids helped me to identify my mini Phal, which came without a name tag, as a hybrid named Phalaenopsis Sogo Twinkle ‘Stars’. Highly recommended!

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5 Comments on “Moth Orchids: The Complete Guide to Phalaenopsis”

  1. Rita Davis Says:

    Interesting info about the new colors and paterns

  2. dave88 Says:

    great article

  3. Joy Blake Says:

    Congrats on finding your orchid ID.

  4. Jeri Says:

    I love this book! This is the best book on moth orchids I’ve ever found. Loaded with photos and complete care information.

  5. Elisa Says:

    I’ve curled up with this book on some cold (non-garden!) days, and it warms me up very well. Maybe that’s my highest recommendation!