These tiny, charming flowers belong to a Stenoglottis, one of the easiest African orchids to grow. With purple polka dots and fringed lips, the flowers provide an enchanting show from late summer though autumn. Dozens of blooms are crowded onto each flower spike, and open sequentially over a few months.

Stenoglottis flowersStenoglottis flowerStenoglottis flowers

This Stenoglottis is not an air plant like most commonly cultivated orchids. Instead it’s a terrestrial, and can grow in regular potting soil. In its native South African home, it also grows on rocks and rotting logs. Its blooms remain even as its leaves drop before going dormant in winter. I’ve already curtailed watering, and I’ll let it stay dry for its next few months. Eventually the final blooms will fade as well. In spring, new leaves will start to grow from the fleshy roots, and I’ll increase watering and fertilizing.

Stenoglottis flower budsStenoglottis flowersStenoglottis flowers side view

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6 Comments on “Stenoglottis”

  1. Holly Green Says:

    Thank you very much for that great article

  2. nancy Says:

    those pics are amazing. it doesn’t even look like orchid flowers

  3. Joy Blake Says:

    Adorable!!! They look like little birds with feather tails. Thanks for the photos.

  4. Rita Davis Says:

    Nice shots. I like the fringe parts.

  5. dave88 Says:

    great pics & article

  6. Hanley Says:

    They really do not look like any orchid I have ever seen before. HOw can orchids have so much variety!