Continuing the topic of mini orchids, here’s one with a name that’s bigger than the plant itself. Trichosalpinx may be a mouthful, but it’s an easy orchid to grow. Its tiny reddish-purple flowers bloom in tightly packed clusters. Each flower is just 1/10 inch (2.5 mm) tall.

Trichosalpinx flowers and leavesTrichosalpinx flowers and leavesTrichosalpinx flowers and leaves

Dave’s macro photography skills make it possible to really appreciate this mini Masdevallia relative. Whatever the plant lacks in stature, it compensates with perseverance. This species is a frequent bloomer, producing flowers for months at a time. It’s native to cloud forests from Nicaragua south to Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru. In cultivation, it likes consistent watering, warm temperatures, and high humidity.

Trichosalpinx flowersTrichosalpinx flowers close-up

Trichosalpinx flowersTrichosalpinx flower close-up

With tiny flowers that emerge under the leaf, this Trichosalpinx can sometimes bloom without me realizing it. Even when it’s hiding its flowers, however, new leaves provide great color. Young leaves start with a reddish-purple tint, and then fade to a light green.

Trichosalpinx flower buds under leafYoung Trichosalpinx leaf showing colorationYoung Trichosalpinx leaf showing coloration

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    I dont’ even want to try to prounouce that!

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    Great article

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    Remarkable minis! I love the rich color.

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