Candyfest 2010

If you saw me at Pacific Orchid Expo 2010, it’s likely I looked like a kid in a candy store. Eyes wide, I’m at the mercy of the sights and scents as I jump from one orchid treat to the next. Fortunately, unlike candy, photos have no calories.

Pacific Orchid Expo exhibitCymbidium flowersEpidendrum flowers

Whether it’s new hybrid colors on a Cymbidium or an Epidendrum, or a fascinating Dendrobium species, each one is its own special delight. This year’s ‘Carnaval’ theme also added to the show’s flavor, as seen with an eye-catching Mardi Gras mask made from Cymbidiums.

Dendrobium flowers and budsLady SlipperZygopetalum flower

Cymbidiums displayed for the Carnaval show themePhalaenopsis flowersMasdevallia flower

With remarkable individual orchids and breathtaking mass displays, it’s easy to become engrossed by tens of thousands of orchids at the show. So if I saw you there and didn’t say hello, sorry about that. I was just a kid lost in a candy store.

Lady SlippersLady SlipperLaelia flower

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5 Comments on “Candyfest 2010”

  1. Laura H Says:

    That’s absolutely breath taking! Thanks for the wonderful photos.

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    […] There were so many remarkable orchids at this year’s Pacific Orchid Expo that it would be impossible to fit them into just one post. […]

  3. Hanley Says:

    I love the mardi gras mask. It must have needed hundreds of flowers to make it. thanks for the photos!

  4. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » The Law of the Jungle Says:

    […] After enjoying the polished perfection of an orchid show, it’s an interesting contrast to see some wild orchids. […]

  5. nancy Says:

    those are frakking amazing
    thanks.. it’s like I was there