More from Pacific Orchid Expo 2010

There were so many remarkable orchids at this year’s Pacific Orchid Expo that it would be impossible to fit them into just one post. For example, these first two photos show stunning Phal hybrids. The third photo shows a smaller Phal species that’s native to the Philippines. It may be less showy, but it’s important in the Phal family tree as one of the original parents used to create hybrids.

Moth Orchid hybridMoth Orchid hybridMoth Orchid species

Have you ever seen a leafless orchid? Like the famous Ghost Orchid, the small Chiloschista orchid in the next two shots has chlorophyll in its roots. In the third photo, an unusual Australian Pterostylis does have leaves, although you can’t see them here. It’s known as the King Greenhood, and it’s related to the smaller greenhood species I keep.

Leafless orchidLeafless orchid - flower close upAustralian Greenhood flowers

These Masdevallias were also among the show’s spectacular specimens. Also in the Masdevallia family, the frilly and colorful leaves of this tiny Lepanthes compensate for its minuscule flowers.

Masdevallia flowersMasdevallia flowerLepanthes leaves with tiny flowers

Finally, strange Gongora flowers give the impression of flying birds. With petals stretched back like wings, they fly around their flower spike. These sweetly scented flowers last less than a week, and like the annual orchid show, require patience for next year after they’re gone.

Gongora flowers with Mardi Gras beads in backgroundGongora flower side viewGongora flower

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7 Comments on “More from Pacific Orchid Expo 2010”

  1. temperance Says:

    I’m not a Phal fanatic, but those first three photos are *so* freaking amazing. The middle one reminds me of those tulips with the color break virus that the Dutch in the 17th century were obsessing over. I love the King Greenwood pics, too.

  2. Hanley Says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pics!!

  3. Judy L Says:

    I like the one w/o roots
    & the one with webbing on its leaves

  4. nancy Says:

    thanks for all those gorgeous photos!

  5. Joy Blake Says:

    Very interesting! I’ve seen some pendant orchids before, but never seen that gonogora. They look so delicate, even more so when I compare their size to the glass beads on the background of the first photograph.

  6. jd2008 Says:

    nice to be here…. thanks for share

  7. Christian Louboutin Says:

    I’ve already bookmark this article and will definitely refer this article to all my close friends and colleagues. Thanks for posting!