Native to the Comoros Islands near Madagascar, this species of Jumellea is an easy grower with delightful flowers. It holds crystal white blooms on long stems, giving the appearance that they’re floating around the plant.

Jumellea flowerJumellea flowerJumellea flowers

Nectar spurs are long, narrow tubes with a drop of nectar at the bottom, and they’re good clues that this orchid is fragrant. One arcs down behind each flower. During daytime, it has little scent, but starting in the evening, it puts out a strong fragrance that reminds me of tuberose.

Jumellea flower with nectar spurJumellea flowers and plantJumellea flowers

Related to Darwin’s Orchid and Oeoniella, Jumelleas can grow into large, attractive plants. The leaves form a fan pattern, and healthy specimens can grow 2 ft. (0.6 m) tall. Jumelleas enjoy conditions like Dendrobiums, with bright light, regular water and fertilizer, and winter dormancy.

Jumellea flowerJumellea flowersJumellea plant with flowers at orchid show

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5 Comments on “Jumellea”

  1. barrie c Says:

    What an adorable flower! It looks like it has one eye staring at you. Many years ago I saw this plant at an orchid show but I never knew what it was … it didn’t have a label like the picture shows.

  2. nancy Says:

    thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  3. Meredith Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful photos. I never heard of Comoros Island before, I didn’t even know it was a country.

  4. Anne Reynolds Says:

    I have never seen this orchid before. You give good info and details about it.

  5. Dancer8 Says:

    Nice white flowers