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Ghost Orchids have been making news on both sides of the pond, and this time, it’s Florida’s turn. The same Ghost Orchid that I blogged about last year is up to it again. It’s bloomed unexpectedly early in the season, but that should be no surprise considering its other quirks. This particular Ghost Orchid grows unusually high off the ground, and it blooms profusely. Typically, they have just 1 or 2 flowers at a time, but this plant had 12 during last summer’s peak. Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary Director Ed Carlson said that cold winter weather may have caused the early bloom, but I wouldn’t rule out that this plant just really enjoys the attention.

In other news, a New York Times column on indoor gardening agrees with my opinion not to use ice cubes to water orchids:

Q: Someone who claimed he was a botanist, advised me to water my orchids by tossing a few ice cubes in them once a week. I am dubious — what do you think?
— Posted by Anna

A: The average temperature in the rain forest is about 77 degrees F. all year around. Dripping ice water on your orchid is not advisable, as is hanging around with a bartender who claims to be a botanist.

I’ll concede that some tough hybrids can handle ice water, but most orchid varieties cannot. Stick with room temperature water for indoor plants. The bartender can find a better use for the ice cubes.

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6 Comments on “Spring News”

  1. Joy Blake Says:

    Wow, more ghost orchids in the news. Considering how rare they are, they get a lot of press. Maybe it will help with conservation when peopel are informed.

  2. Elena Says:

    Hey! I’m a bartender who loves to garden during the day. Some of us do know more than mixing drinks.

  3. nancy Says:

    there are probably some bartenders who were botany majors

  4. dkchristi Says:

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  5. Meredith Says:

    Great post! Thanks.

  6. Comet1952 Says:

    cool post