Masdevallias come in many magnificent forms, but few inspire more superlatives than Masdevallia coccinea. Its large flowers sit atop stems up to 2 ft. (60  cm) tall. There are numerous natural color varieties, like eye-catching red, purple, orange, yellow, white, or in this case, hot pink. This form also has a contrasting yellow throat.

Masdevallia flowersMasdevallia flowersMasdevallia flowers

This species grows at high elevations  in the Andes of Colombia and Peru. Said to grace the rainforests around Machu Picchu, it thrives with cool temps, regular water, high humidity, and constant air movement. In the past, mine has sulked on hot summer days when San Francisco has lost its air-conditioning fog layer. Fortunately, Dave was able to capture this wonderful flush of blooms on camera before temperatures warmed.

Masdevallia flowersMasdevallia flower close upMasdevallia flowers

Masdevallia coccinea has been used as a hybrid parent for decades, and its characteristics appear in many modern orchid hybrids. The final photos show flower close-ups and an unopened flower bud with pink and yellow showing through. It’s no surprise that it lends some magic to the Lost City of the Incas.

Masdevallia flower close upMasdevallia flower - dorsal sepalMasdevallia flower bud

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6 Comments on “Masdevallia”

  1. nancy Says:

    Wow! Hot pics of a hot pink orchid. I love the color it’s so intense.

  2. Prasher Says:

    I’ve seen orchids like that near Machu Picchu, maybe the same kind? Thanks for the pics

  3. PJ100 Says:

    I usually don’t think of matching pink with yellow, but it works for this flower

  4. PH8KR Says:

    Thanks for the nice fotos.

  5. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » Offshore Flow Says:

    […] some delicate orchid varieties, like this Masdevallia which likes it to stay below 75F (24C) all year, can handle the heat as long as there’s good humidity. […]

  6. woaycoygk Says:

    that doesn’t even look real. the colors are great.