Choosing a Gift Orchid

With a bewildering variety of orchid choices for Mother’s Day, it helps to know some basics. Commonly sold orchids have varying charms and care needs, and you wanna pick what mama’s gonna like. For example, if mom likes bright colors, you might try Phals, or Moth Orchids. They can delight with weeks or even months of blooms, and don’t mind low light. Or, she may prefer bright yellow Oncidiums, with masses of small flowers. The nickname “Dancing Lady Orchids” aptly describes their arching sprays of flowers moving in a breeze.

Moth Orchid flowersMoth Orchid flowersOncidium flowers

Maybe mom’s style is better suited for Paphs, or Lady Slippers, which have solitary flowers that make a bold statement. They’re as exotic as they come, and can grow in low light. Epidendrums also make bold statements with colorful balls of flowers, but they need brighter light.

Lady Slipper flowerLady Slipper flowerEpidendrum flowers

Does mom prefer fragrant flowers? Elegant Cattleyas are the classic corsage orchids, with large blooms and sweet scents. Dendrobiums offer exotic flowers in a wide range of dramatic shapes and colors, and some varieties are fragrant.

Cattleya flowerCattleya hybridDendrobium flowers

Finally, if mom prefers really low maintenance, there are many beautiful orchid books. A few of my favorites include:

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7 Comments on “Choosing a Gift Orchid”

  1. nancy Says:

    Great pictures! Of course my Mom would quickly kill anything green I give her, so it’s Sunday brunch instead.

  2. Pamela Dominguez Says:

    Mom deserves a beautiful orchid! I buy a new one for my Mom every year, and she knows how to keep them alive. Her collection is getting bigger year and year, and she loves to see them bloom again and again.

  3. Hanley Says:

    I like moht orchid photos

  4. PJ100 Says:

    thanks for the cool pics!
    this is perfect info w/the differences between them explained so I can pick based on facts, not just the flowers that catch my eye

  5. 91 Ellen Says:

    good post

  6. Todd C Says:

    I love those photos, espeically the ladyslippers. Thanks.

  7. Jesse B Says:

    thanks for the book tips they are really useful