Orchids Are Much Easier Than Children

Motherhood can bring many joys to one’s life, but an orchid gift for Mother’s Day may feel a little daunting. Sure, it’s a beautiful token of appreciation, but if your maternal instincts cause you to fret about its care, that orchid may cause you some anxiety.

Take a deep breath and relax. Caring for orchids is much easier than caring for children. With a few basic care tips, you’ll find that most common orchid varieties don’t deserve their finicky reputation. Many are resilient plants that can take some neglect or mistreatment. With some care, they can keep their exotic tropical flowers for extended periods. They may even surprise you and bloom again in just a few months. And once more, you’ll know that special parental pride, maybe similar to when your child brings home an “A” on their report card. So enjoy that orchid gift as a token of love like it was intended, and trust that your maternal skills can allow it to flourish.

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7 Comments on “Orchids Are Much Easier Than Children”

  1. MayaRL Says:

    I’m not sure my maternal instincts can tell me when to water my orchid. Human mothers aren’t automatically orchid mothers.

  2. PJ100 Says:

    so you’re saying that if my orchids give me trouble I can just plop them down in front of the tv with some snacks, and they’ll be good? 😉

  3. Green George Says:

    LOL! Good post.

  4. Todd C Says:

    My orchids are much easier than my children, and cost a lot less too.

  5. trey Says:

    Hey, wonderful blog you got here! Keep up the good job!

  6. nancy Says:

    Usually I’m more proud of my orchids than my children. Oh well…

  7. dr terrence Says: