Wild Orchids

As summer begins, this news article describes wild orchids blooming across Northern California. There are photos of the Stream Orchid, Epipactis gigantea, growing in the wild, and info about other lesser-known, but still fascinating, Golden State species. The article includes a good summary of orchid care basics for more commonly grown varieties.

Wild orchids are also blossoming in the UK, and an article in The Telegraph of London details some fascinating British natives. There’s a list of good locales to explore for wild orchids. No matter what country you’re in, enjoy the orchids, but leave them be; it’s illegal to remove orchids from the wild or cut their flowers.

And finally, it’s back to California for a news story about orchid scholarships in Salinas. Matsui Nursery is the largest commercial orchid nursery in the USA, and many orchids in homes and offices across North America have come from Matsui’s greenhouses. The owner’s Andy Matsui Foundation awards 18 college scholarships every year to deserving Monterey County students. As North Salinas High School Principal August Caresani said, “Mr. Matsui is growing dreams….”

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    What a nice story about the scholarships! There’s so much bad news about people being too greedy, I really appreciate that there are some decent people left in this world. Thanks for the story.

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